Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thesis update...

It came to me in  the car the other day that I should use what I did in Australia and do something truly memorable for my thesis presentation. By taking the projection class that I took and combining it with the final products of my thesis which would be images of interviewers, site photos, final interior images and other information i would be able to create a watchout show. That would be put to music, which i think i may have found, and then projected at a large scale and where better to project it but Jackson Library. So at this point I am wait to here back from the space manger at the library to see if i can make this large scale show come to fruition. My hope is that it will be a moving event that many people can come and see and enjoy. I think that by presenting this way it would be great to put in my folio as well as my resume. Hopefully everything works out!!

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