Sunday, April 12, 2009

Studio Review 4/9 Circulation: Art Gallery

   As part of the circulation group we were able to really gain an understanding of what aspects needed to be similar in the two spaces. The signs and way finding needed to be similar as well as a banding idea in the halls. The issue was that the high school already has a lot of the features that the middle school was trying to fix. So as a group during are review we were able to decide that the high school will not focus so much on the hallways but the main individual areas. We would have one page on what we plan on doing for the halls but let them know that it was not our main focus of the design. This was important b/c the high school group was able to really decide to work on the most important part of the school which was the main community areas. 
   As an individual i got good feedback from Patrick as well as my group about how to change the art gallery by simply applying some of the same techniques as the other members but also cutting out the door and actually having it be an experience instead of just looking the viewer will be able to go in side the space and walk around and look at the art work much like a real gallery. It was also brought up that i should make the whole front panel glass so it would be easer to view the art work. I fell like it was all great feedback and I'm very excited to see where it the design goes. 

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