Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So i have to say that i'm pretty pumped that i have figured out my thesis. Not by myself of course but with the help of Anna. I have decided to take a historical building here in Greensboro and turn it into a center for cancer patients and there families to get knowledge, counseling and support. It would offer a home atmosphere vs the hospital. It would be a place where families could connect get help and spend time. I am looking to have rooms for counseling, computer center to allow people to gather information, join help groups, blog, and chat with others who are going through similar experiences. I also want to offer a library that contains information  about all kinds of cancers, treatments, and programs that may help. I am also looking at a child's area as well as a kitchen and tables so that families can cook or gather, or events could be held in the home. I want this project to be as green as possible so that i am creating a space that doesn't cause cancer. I feel like if something like this could be available to the community it could have a really great impact. 
I know from personal experience that cancer can happen at any time and to anyone and the grieving process takes time. There needs to be a place for people to go and get help and be able to talk about what has happened and what is happening in there lives. No one should ever have to deal with the ramifications of this horrible disease but more and more people are being touched by this awful sickness and the community needs to reach out to them and give them the help that they need and deserve. 

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